Corporate Partners

Our vision is to build a child friendly hospital where children receive specialist medical care with the best medical equipment for diagnostic and treatment purposes. Without raising the required funds, through the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital Trust, the fulfillment of this vision shall remain but an unfulfilled dream.

Accordingly, we appeal to you to support this humanitarian endeavor to enhance the future prognosis of our less fortunate children.

For corporate social investment opportunities kindly contact us for further details on how you can assist. The following below demonstrate some ways by which you can become part of our ventures.

  • Sponsorship (How about organizing your own fundraising event? This can be a lot of fun and also involve the employees of your company directly.)
  • Cause Marketing (How about donating a portion of your sales to the Trust? You can run a specific campaign for this and even identify a specific sales item or service for this cause.)
  • Donations (Your company can become directly involved in one or more of our projects. How about donating money for the purchasing of much needed, life-saving medical equipment or for the upgrading of our children’s wards?)

Trusts and Foundations: We are interested to partner with other Trusts and Foundations who are dedicated to make a difference in the public health care of the children in Southern Africa. For further information on how you can become involved kindly contact us.

Recognition: We at the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital Trust are dedicated to offer our donors meaningful feedback and recognition. Each corporate partner will received a comprehensive report, including photo’s, demonstrating the use and benefits of the money spent. Companies will also receive appropriate recognition should any media publications relating to the donation follow.

Tax certificates: Since the Trust is a recognized public benefit organisation your donations are tax deductible. We issue tax certificates on request according to the rules of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

Social-Economic development contributions & B-BBEE points: More than 80% of children treated at TCH are from disadvantaged Black, Coloured or Indian families and will therefore benefit directly from your donation.