• The only dedicated Children’s Hospital within a main hospital in South Africa, caring for pregnant mothers and newborns, whilst close to the health care of the rest of the family.
  • A recognized World leader in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood tuberculosis.
  • First hospital in Africa to offer HIV positive children antiretroviral treatment.
  • One of the first hospitals in the world to pioneer the early treatment of HIV in babies and infants.
  • Major contributions through research to the care of children with Tuberculosis, HIV and cancer.
  • The only hospital in Sub Saharan Africa with an interventional bronchoscopy service that assists in the diagnosis of lung disease.
  • Our neonatology unit managed to increase the survival rate of extreme low birth weight babies from 69% in 2009 to 72% in 2010, which is comparable to survival in developed countries.
  • Pioneered the use of intravenous feeding of newborn babies in South Africa.