About the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital Trust

When the Tygerberg Academic Hospital was opened in 1976, the children’s wards were scattered throughout the hospital. This tended not to work well, as children were often cared for in adult wards.

The hospital took a big step forward when it decided to set up an independent children’s hospital, based on the model of many successful children’s hospitals abroad. Its aim was to focus specifically on the needs of children and newborn babies, but remain situated within the main adult hospital.

The Tygerberg Children’s Hospital was officially opened in March 2000, while the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital Trust was set up a year later, in May 2001.

With increasing needs for a child-friendly hospital and health services in the Western Cape, the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital faces big challenges, which it is determined to overcome with the help of its partners.

The Tygerberg Children’s Hospital Trust, a registered non-profit organization, partners with individuals and organizations to support the hospital.

We are passionate about improving the diagnosis and care of children and newborn babies while improving the facilities for their parents and caregivers.

The Trust aims to:

  • Improve the care of children and babies by acquiring the most modern technology to ensure that complicated diseases are rapidly & accurately diagnosed and treated.
  • Boost the facilities in the children and newborn baby wards so that parents and caregivers spending time with their children are looked after in a dignified way.
  • Improve the conditions for the nursing and medical staff so that they remain enthusiastic and fully committed to caring for their patients.
  • Improve the facilities to ensure that children and newborn babies receive the best possible care.
  • Promote the excellent care and facilities that Tygerberg Children’s Hospital has become known for, so that more people hear about the good work the hospital is doing.

Specialist Services
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