Feedback on “Children who can 4 Children who can’t” fundraising campaign

In 2011, the Children who can 4 Children who can’t fundraising campaign in aid of Tygerberg Children’s Hospital, was launched at Western Cape schools. This campaign saw 103 Western Cape schools participate in this charity “Civvies Day”, yielding a total income of R133 242.11!

Although this was intended to be a single event only, due to popular request from many schools not able to participate in 2011 (and also many that did participate), we decided to again appeal to all Western Cape schools in 2012 to participate in a more flexibly structured campaign.  We left it to the discretion of each individual school to determine the nature of and appropriate time of the year for its fundraising initiative.

The 2012 campaign generated an amount of R104 892.67, comprising contributions from 65 schools, of which 35 schools contributed in 2011 and in 2012.

Accordingly, 133 Western Cape schools participated in this fundraising campaign, raising the fantastic amount of  R238 134.78 for the benefit of Tygerberg Children’s Hospital.  Well done to all schools that participated!

We truly appreciate each school’s and each family’s support for Tygerberg Children’s Hospital and the many less privileged children and newborn babies in our care.

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