Development of a General Paediatric Outpatient Department

Currently paediatric patients with primary and secondary health problems are managed in G Ground, which is combined with acute referrals and emergency care, as well as the in-patient short stay ward. Certain groups of patients, such as the multidrug resistance tuberculosis (MDR-TB) patients are seen in the tertiary outpatient facility. Those wards do not have adequate physical space to accommodate the general paediatric outpatient department. Furthermore, there is a major need to create separate entrance and waiting areas for the MDR-TB patients and adequate ventilation to ensure that airborne infection patients do not pose a risk to other patients while waiting for health care delivery.

The plan is to construct a separate general paediatric outpatients department near the emergency and short stay facility. This new department should include a paediatric pharmacy.

The new facilities should be able to accommodate the following:

  • Waiting areas: to accommodate 60 waiting adults with children each with small play area for children.
  • Proper ventilation will be installed and a separate waiting area for people with infectious diseases should be created.
  • 8 Doctor’s consulting rooms and a procedure room to accommodate 60 patients per day.
  • Weighing & Breastfeeding rooms.
  • Office and toilet facilities.
  • Counselling room.